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We partner with clients to improve their business.Logistics/Transportation, Tourism, and Hospitalityare the sectors

where we develop and implement business-to-business and business-to-consumer programs. The goals of each client
​determine the highly customized programs we propose and deliver.

For more than 25 years, our firm has consistently created solutions that produce successful results locally, nationally, and internationally. Whether it’s in the Greater Midwest Region or in Sri Lanka, our in-depth experience and cross cultural expertise combine to develop and implement highly customized programs that meet and often exceed expectations.

Client Focused.
Delivered on Time and

on Budget.


Increase Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
Provide Record Number of Jobs.

Tourism and Hospitality go hand-in-hand. We develop exceptionally customized programs for target markets in the U.S. that result in sustainable Tourism. The benefits of our specialized campaigns stimulate economic growth and increase awareness of a region’s or country’s unique heritage.

Our highly designed programs increase tourism which results in creating jobs with a wide range of skill levels. Increasing jobs helps to preserve culture and traditions. We specialize in the upscale traveler, the frequent traveler, and the soft adventure traveler. Our firm’s expertise in Tourism and Hospitality covers North America, Mexico, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, China, the Pacific Rim, and Sri Lanka. For cable television, we developed and filmed 19, 30-minute travel programs in 10 countries and one, 60-minute travel program for a Caribbean country. The series, which received high approval ratings on cable television, targeted the educated and soft adventure traveler.

Rail Drives Our Economy.

Rail Delivers Jobs.

Our expertise is in rail. The Greater Chicagoland Region is the freight rail hub of the country. We work with railroads, ports, suppliers, planning commissions, and related sector industries developing communication programs, consulting, launching branding campaigns, and implementing event marketing. Ms. Pitz was a core team member for the 2011 OECD Tri-State Territorial Review with responsibility for Logistics/Transportation and Indiana.

As Founder of The Rail Summit, an annual event, we provide important, practical information to the region’s key business and community stakeholders as well as to elected officials on the economic importance of rail. Within the region, The Rail Summit promotes greater understanding, initiates better collaborative cooperation and support, and highlights our economic assets.

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