The Goals of The Rail Summit 2013 were:
Educate the region’s top business and community leaders of the economic importance of rail.

1.  Establish a venue where deals are initiated.

2.  Promote collaborative, cooperative regional 

     support for transportation issues, especially for

     rail funds and programs.

3.  Educate the region’s top business and community

     leaders of the economic importance of rail.

Educate the region’s top business and community leaders of the economic importance of rail.

The Rail Summit 2013






Partnering with you, we focus on increasing your profitable results.

In 2013, significant deals were initiated at the Sponsors and Speakers Dinner on October 24, 2013. One of our sponsors announced, “What has occurred during this dinner has made our sponsorship an excellent investment. We are in for 2014”.

Deals continued to be initiated during the Summit on Friday, October 25, 2013. In total, the deals initiated surpassed what was accomplished in 2012 and 2011 combined. Additionally, greater regional cooperation and collaboration has occurred and is continuing between associations and governments in Indiana and Illinois.

Educate the region’s top business and community leaders of the economic importance of rail.

  • Short Line Railroads take the equivalent of nearly 33 million truck loads off the highways saving
    the country more than $1.4 billion annually in highway repair costs.*
  • One rail freight car can carry the equivalent of 4 truckloads.*
  • One train can remove more than 280 trucks (the equivalent of 1,100 cars) from the highways.*


         x*American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association (ASLRRA)


Thank You Sponsors 

for Your Valued Support of  

​The Rail Summit 2013!  

We sincerely appreciate our sponsors who made it possible to deliver a dynamic and informative 2013 Rail Summit. We extend a warm thank you to them.


As business leaders, our sponsors are committed to furthering collaborative cooperation within our region to ensure its economic vitality. It was a privilege to partner with them. 




500 N. MICHIGAN AVE, STE 600, CHICAGO, IL 60611 


The Rail Summit 2013

October 25, 2013

Union League Club

Chicago, Illinois

Click here for the 2013 program.

The Rail Summit 2013

October 24, 2013

Union League Club

Chicago, Illinois

Click here for the 2013 program.

"The Role Short Lines Can Play in the Revitalization of the US Economy"

Brad Skinner Chairman, OmniTrax Inc.,

The DIOLKOS Award - 2013

Andrew Fox
​President, South Shore Freight

The award is named Diolkos because of the Diolkos wagonway that dates back to 600 B.C. and is considered to be the ancestor of the railway. While some dispute aspects of this archaeological discovery, there is agreement that it was used to transport boats over the Isthmus of Corinth. Men and animals pulled wheeled vehicles along limestone grooves, referred to as the original tracks. These grooves kept the heavily loaded wagons on the route. Evidence substantiates the fact that this 6 km to 8.5 km wagonway, the original Short Line, was used for more than 600 years, until 100 A.D. Although it took mankind nearly two millennia for the transcontinental railroad to be developed and jumpstart our national economy, the impact, efficiency, and profitability of Short Line Railroads on our economy continues to increase significantly year after year.

The Rail Summit’s Diolkos Award recognizes an individual whose outstanding leadership and vision have highlighted the importance of rail’s impact on our economy.

In 2013, Andrew Fox, President of South Shore Freight, was honored with the Diolkos award for his inspiring leadership and vision. Fox has long been recognized as an outstanding leader in the railroad sector. Prior to assuming the Presidency of South Shore Freight, Fox developed and ran The Pacific Harbor Line Railroad which was named the 2009 Short Line Railroad of the Year by Railway Age Magazine.   

Fox helped deliver an excellent and information-driven forum for The Rail Summit 2013. He understands the vital economic importance of rail, especially the critical role Short Line Railroads have in our economy. SouthShore Freight has been a sponsor of The Rail Summit since its inception in 2011.